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Anne Fontaine Opens at Aventura Mall

Headquartered in Normandy and present in boutiques around the world, Anne Fontaine stores include European-styled women’s wear, handbags, jewelry and other accessories. Since its opening in 1993, Anne Fontaine has stressed the importance of the white shirt in the female wardrobe.

Coinciding with the store opening, the brand has unveiled its Spring-Summer 2017 collection based on three themes: sporty-chic, romance and retro-dandy. Anne’s collection offers silhouettes with various combinations composed mostly of her signature black and white colors.
Anne Fontaine Opens 001
To ensure the DNA of the house always comes alive, the brand is based on five fundamental values – Authenticity, Passion, The Know-How, The French Elegance and Social Responsibility. This season brings those values to life by exemplifying sophistication through menswear-inspired silhouettes with pops of old Hollywood glamour. The sporty-chic theme combines the ideas of comfort and sophistication in its bomber jackets and oversized shirts, adding pops of pattern alongside the usual black and white backdrop.
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Charleston White Shirt
Anne Fontaine Opens 003
Amaury Bomber Jacket
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Carla Dres

Consisting of soft lines, draping and pleating, the romance theme features transparency using materials such as lace and macramé. The final theme, retro-dandy, mixes graphics and soft fabrics to create a feminine twist to the man’s suit. Centering the brand around the ready-to-wear pieces, specifically the iconic white shirt, Anne has created accessories that can be perfectly paired with any of the items such as collars, cufflinks and evening bags.
Anne Fontaine Opens 004
Cacille Shirt
Anne Fontaine Opens 005
Capri Shirt

Anne Fontaine Opens 006
Falba Necklace
Anne Fontaine Opens 007
Flo Cufflinks

For more information, visit Anne Fontaine at Aventura Mall or call 305-935-3250.

19501 Biscayne Boulevard Aventura, Fl 33180 | 305-935-1110