Sliding into Awe

Debuting in November 2017
Debuting in November 2017

At the entrance to Aventura Mall’s new expansion wing, a nearly 93-foot-tall spiral structure by Belgian artist Carsten Höller is generating buzz among visitors and the local community. When it debuts later this month, Aventura Slide Tower will lead a double life: towering landmark and exhilarating slide.

“The slide can be experienced both by sliding down it or by viewing it from the outside with people coming down in it—which are different, but both powerful, experiences,” said Höller, who is world-renowned for large-scale artworks that transform common expectations of social spaces. This is Höller’s first slide in the United States.

“I have long asked what would be the result of sliding if it was part of the daily routine?” Höller wonders. “Can slides become part of our experiential and architectural life? Aventura Mall has given me the opportunity to test my ongoing hypotheses, using a slide to reshape the typical mall experience.”

The new installation is part of the ever-evolving Arts Aventura Mall program, which includes more than a dozen museum-quality works positioned throughout the center.